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THE YAAN : Fernmount is a wee village about halfway between Urunga and Bellingen.  Some twit took over the little store and post office some years back and managed to close it down. We see that a lot around here. Nonetheless, it’s a very pretty little village. When the Valley was first being populated in the mid 1800s, Fernmount looked set to  the main town on the Bellinger. Big boats and ships sailed up to there and it had plenty of shops, businesses and hotels. Somehow it faded away and Bellingen became the primary settlement.

The last pirate ever captured in Australia was caught in Fernmount. It’s a favourite story of mine but  one which doesn’t seem to interest anyone else very much. I have some good links to tales of Fernmount including the Pirate Story. Take a look down the bottom of this post for the Links.

My dad bought land there once but decided against building on it and bought a unit in  town instead. Yesterday, I was stopped at Fernmount roadworks and was thinking about this week’s letter F. The roadworks are down near the oval there and are meant to prevent flooding. Good Luck, says I. I used to walk Odin the Staffy around that oval years back. Bellingen Canoe Hire is on the edge of the river in Fernmount and my friend Margaret has a house there as well. People tell me she won the lottery but I have never spoken to her about it.

In the 1970s, some other newcomers like me, planted a wonderland of trees and rainforest plants there. Only last year, new owners began to conquer and clean it out. Wild growth does seem to intimidate the people of this last era. A Guri friend of mine was talking about BUSHWALKERS with their need to “WALK THROUGH THE BUSH” . He has a gentle voice and a soft and slow way of moving, my friend does. He could walk  through more bush than any of the Conquerors and see more, go further and leaves less insult than any BUSHWALKER.

They sold the Police Station this year. Up on the hill is the old cemetery from the times when it looked like Fernmount would be big business and beyond that is the mountain of ferns.


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